PigTrace – Movement Reporting Form

Reminder: Please ensure you obtain a Premises Identification Number (PID) prior to registering with PigTrace. Click here for information on obtaining a Premises ID.

From PigTrace Canada:

The PigTrace program requires all premises-to-premises swine movements be reported (except barns within the same premises)… Information must be reported to PigTrace within 7 days of shipping or receipt of pigs, deadstock or parts of deadstock…Traceability regulations will require the necessary movement information to accompany pig shipments when moving pigs and/or deadstock. Existing commercial manifests can be used to fulfill this requirement if they contain the necessary information (date/time, source, destination, number of pigs, license plate and animal identifers). PigTrace Canada recommends that you review your document to ensure that all required data is being captured for your own ease in record keeping. All pig identification, movement and location information reported to PigTrace must be kept in records for a period of five (5) years.  This involves all pig identification and movement information reported to PigTrace.

Use the Pig Trace Fax Form for reporting purposes.