Premises ID

Reminder: Please ensure you obtain a Premises Identification Number (PID) prior to registering with PigTrace. Click here for information on obtaining a Premises ID.

As stated in the Letter from BC Pork:

Starting July 1, 2014, PigTrace was mandated by law through the federal Health of Animals Regulation. The regulation applies to anyone who is involved in the care, control and transport of pigs.

PigTrace is an industry-led, national swine traceability initiative delivered by the Canadian Pork Council (CPC) and its provincial member organizations. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) will enforce the regulation, and the CPC acts as the program administrator under the regulation.

In order to successfully enter data into PigTrace, you will need a Premises Identification Number (PID). A PID is a unique identifier assigned to a single legal land description or land use permit for any parcel of land where animals or food are kept, assembled, grown or disposed of. There is no financial cost to register your premises. For more information on PID, please contact a Premises ID Program Representative at the BC Ministry of Agriculture by phone (1-888-221- 7141) or email (, or visit their website at

All pork producers are encouraged to consider becoming members of the BC Pork Producer Association. For $25/year, you will be included on up-to-date industry information and get a registered herd mark number (“tattoo number”) for use when shipping animals for processing. While a herd mark number is not mandatory for PigTrace, it is an option instead of individual tags on each animal.

Register for your B.C. Premises ID by filling out this form.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions to see if your query has been answered. If your question still has not been answered feel free to contact the Ministry of Agriculture in Abbotsford (1-888-221-7141 or 604-556-3001) or send an email to