How is it produced?

Pigs require special care and BC farmers are committed to providing a high level of care to their animals. For over twenty years BC pork farmers have followed Canada’s Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Farm Animals – Pigs. We also participate in the Canadian Pork Council’s Animal Care Assessment.

All of our hogs are processed in British Columbia and that means travel times are shorter keeping stress levels down for the animals. The Canadian Livestock Transport (CLT) program was introduced to BC in 2010 through the BC Farm Animal Care Council and since its introduction virtually every hog producer has received certification in CLT.

As part of a initiative to help the BC consumer in identifying BC pork products when they shop a logo/brand has been launched by BC Pork. This brand is more than just a logo, it is about the farmers, how they farm and where they farm. It is about showing pride in what they do – carefully raising food for your family’s table.

We encourage you to look for our logo, and to ask your butcher to offer high quality, locally grown, BC pork products.

BC pork producers, we are your neighbours, we care about our communities