Reminder: Please ensure you obtain a Premises Identification Number (PID) prior to registering with PigTrace. Click here for information on obtaining a Premises ID.

What should 4-H do to participate in PigTrace Canada?

Step 1. Ensure the producer you are getting your 4-H project animal from has a Premises ID (PID), is an active participant with PigTrace, and your animal has an ear tag with an identifying number on it.

Step 2. Give the producer your information (your name, PID, licence plate for the truck/trailer).

Step 3. Every time you move your animal to a different site, you must enter the information into PigTrace (see above for this year’s exception).

If you have any questions about biosecurity in the BC Pork industry, please contact BC Pork at (604) 287- 4647. For more information about PigTrace, you can visit the website www.pigtrace.ca. And if you wish to register for a Premise Identification Number, you can visit the BC Government Ministry of Agriculture website (http://www.agf.gov.bc.ca/foodsafety/bc_pid.htm) or call 1 888-221- 7141 or (604) 556-3001 and ask for a Premises Identification Program Representative.

Click to read the PigTrace 4-H handout in full or read a memo produced by 4-H here.