Market Development

MDP Project Funding

Dependent upon its perceived merits, MDP approved projects are funded on a sliding scale. MDP funding levels increase as the project demonstrates likely significant long term potential benefits to a sizeable portion of the industry.

Approved project funding will be dependent upon:

  • long term potential industry benefits and the likely level of industry participation
  • size of target market and potential for future growth
  • incremental value increase of the specialty product and the likely impact on producer incomes
  • proposed and completed research and market analysis

Projects may span more than one year. Unused MDP funding in any one year may be carried forward to the next year however, if the budgets are not used as projected, changes may only be made with prior approval.

Funding Limitations

The Commission intends to utilize the funds over 3 years. Accordingly, $400,000 will be allocated annually for 2009, 2010 and 2011.

The Program is intended to provide funding assistance for projects having sound economics that will be sustainable without funding assistance following the pilot stage.

Only projects utilizing and promoting B.C. produced and processed products will be eligible for funding assistance.

The MDP will not fund capital expenses.

MDP funding will be paid in parts – an initial amount, a second payment based on achievement of interim objectives and a final payment based on achievement of project goals.

Progress and compliance with plans and budgets will be monitored. The joint Boards of the Commission and the Association may at any time terminate project funding if it is not satisfied that the project is proceeding as intended or believes the project is no longer likely to achieve material benefits for the BC pork industry.

Applying to the Market Development Program

Applicants may be:

  • A group of producers working with a processor to target an identified market segment
  • Individual producers who are developing a specialty hog with the sponsorship of a processor
  • Producers marketing specialty product directly

Applications should be guided by the “Success Factors” described in Schedule 1.

Applications should address the questions and requirements illustrated in
Schedule 2.

Project applications that meet the criteria will be reviewed by the Commission General Manager and Chair, and the AGRI pork industry specialist for the purpose of making a cost sharing funding recommendation to the joint Board of the Commission and Pork Producers Association.

The Commission and the Association will assist in the development of plans and in the implementation of approved projects.

Program applications should be made to the BC Hog Marketing Commission, PO Box 8000 – 280 Abbotsford BC V2S 6H1; or by email to